November 24, 2013

The Sliding Doors of Ichijo-in Temple

The main office of Ichijo-in Temple in Mount Koya. After seeing photos of the other rooms, you will see the incongruousness of the Asus laptop.

The sign says, "Gates will close at 9pm". Lodgers are basically waited on by the monks who live here, so the least we can do is abide by their rules. It is also so cold at night on Mount Koya (not inside the guest rooms, though), it is probably best to go to sleep early.

Long hallways leading to individual rooms. All rooms can be entered and photographed, but only when the sliding doors have been left open.

With minimal explanation, here are the sliding doors that decorate the various rooms in the temple. All (including the guest rooms) are Japanese-style rooms, with tatami mats.

These rooms were used by the feudal lords that would visit Koya in the Edo era, around the 17th century. 

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