November 9, 2013

Taking the Local from Osaka to Wakayama

From Nanba Station in Osaka, we took the Koya Line up to the town of Koya in Wakayama Prefecture.

I was on the local line, but the jaw-dropping Tenku express is the train to take.

I got to see this, though: a museum at Kamuro Station that claims to have a mermaid mummy on display.

The view from the Koya Line is calming and beautiful, with mountains and fresh air all around.

There were also a few rivers. And persimmon trees.

To get to the final stop on the line, you have to take a cable car.

The view of the mountains on the elevator at Koya-san Station.

Because it is much colder on the mountain than in Tokyo, I got to see the red leaves.

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