November 9, 2013

Passing through Osaka

Took the shinkansen to Osaka and passed through Nagoya and Kyoto.

Kewpie train on an Osaka subway.

Train car information written in Braille.

A Hokkaido-based sweets shop at Namba Station.

Ducking into a shopping arcade in Namba. It seems Osaka is made up of a lot of maze-like shopping arcades.
A loan shark in sheep's clothing.


The Obama mask is not a great likeness.

A wholesalers selling red lanterns for various types of eateries. The small umbrellas were an elegant contrast.

Never seen a clock like this before. (Referring to both the numbers and the hiragana characters.)

Lunch at Maru JOE, one of the highest-rated soba (what they call ramen in the Kansai area) shops in Osaka.

Their special Wakayama Prefecture-style ramen.

The space next door has weekly burlesque and pole-dancing shows.

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