September 11, 2013

Venice Beachfront Houses

The houses that face Venice Beach. I find them almost comical, because they seem a bit too spot-on, feeding a bit too much into the fantasy of having a beachfront house. (A true luxurious beachfront house would have much less foot traffic going on around it, no?) I'm guessing most of these are rentals.

According to, a three-bedroom is $4000 per week; a two-bedroom, $2500 per week; and a studio, $1500.

A sampling of the nearby area:

A motorized skateboard is just lazy.

The setting isn't complete without the cat curled up on the chair.

A beach-friendly wheelchair. Great invention!

Local father and son with major dreads.

Even at $3000 a week, the power lines nearby look like this.

Buddha in the yard.

A torii shrine gate in the yard, which was a head-scratcher.

Someone's portable home in front of the rental houses.

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