September 10, 2013

LA Touches

Koreantown and the Hollywood sign, coexisting.

Zen living in Venice.

Teena Marie, larger than a billboard.

The lobby of SAG-AFTRA, with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

The lobby of the building.

There were a lot of poor trees busting out of their cement confines. I suppose it says something about how long it has been since they were planted, because I have never seen Tokyo trees in this situation.

There was a pet store above this Starbucks.

Each bus stop bench in Hancock Park had a different design.

Your eye almost doesn't go to the fake person standing at the edge of the building.

A dump of a car that wouldn't pass inspection in Japan (although I rather like it).

Endlessly fascinated by American versions of sushi. I think they're delicious, even if other Japanese people consider them sacreligious.

Fried sushi!

Vegan sushi! You'd be laughed out of the industry if you tried to make this a thing in Japan. We are not as vigilant about our carbohydrates as America is.

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