September 8, 2013

LACMA and Hancock Park

[Los Angeles] A group of hipsters playing music as the sun sets in Hancock Park.

Something that blew my mind: the area is riddled with tar pits, produced around 100 years ago. Excavation is continuously conducted in the park (as can be seen by the tents), and animals have been discovered. They are put on display at the George C Page Museum, which is also located within Hancock Park.

Elephant statues on the edge of a tar-mired lake.

Every so often, you see a roped-off area with tar bubbling to the surface.

Took a dried-out palm leaf and stuck it in the tar. It had a pleasingly thick but not too goopy consistency.

If you find this on one of the tar pits, know that it was written by me and a friend.

Bear sitting guard.

Chris Burden's Urban Light sculpture, a trademark of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). These were once real street lamps, from about 90 years ago. The lights are solar powered!

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