August 21, 2013

Waimea Homestead Farmers Market

Waimea, up near the north tip of Hawaii Island. If the west side is where tourists gather, the relatively mountainous Waimea is really for locals. A small farmers market is held every Saturday morning on the grounds of a public school.

This stand also had some lovely beeswax candles.

Hand-cut pasta. Interestingly, I get the impression that Italian food isn't particularly in demand on the Big Island. Japanese food? Yes.

Stand selling various types of flavored Macadamia nuts.

Freshly chopped coconuts.

A very popular local bakery. Their cinnamon rolls and cookies tasted like heaven on the plane ride back.

There was a stand selling exclusively orchids.

Quail eggs, which were larger than the ones sold in supermarkets in Japan.

There was quite a long line for this stand.

 I must try these one day.

This suggests that something has escaped.

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