August 21, 2013

Kona Cold Lobsters, Revisited.

Another thing on my list of must-dos every when I visit the Big Island is going to Kona Cold Lobsters. Since it's so close to the airport, if you have a car and are staying someplace with a kitchen, I definitely recommend swinging by and picking up some crabs (or lobsters).

Initially, it feels odd for an individual customer to be walking in here, but it is for everyone. 

I've actually never tried the clams here.

Huge lobsters.

The guys pack up your purchases very carefully, with huge ice packs and moistened newspapers so the crabs don't get too dehydrated.

A scale to weigh purchases, though crabs are sold individually. One roughly 1.75 pound Dungeness Crab is 20 dollars. The price list can be found here.

Found in Kailua.
They knew they were danger, because one tried to drop down the disposer.

Fresh crab meat!

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