August 24, 2013

Shoreline Walk

Hawaii Island has some amazing state parks. Despite being clearly labelled on maps, they seem to be more for locals than visitors. In fact, when I mentioned a park I had looked up beforehand to the hotel concierge, she was shocked that I had even heard of it. Apparently, the locals use these parks for wedding celebrations -- an ocassion where mere tourists would not be welcome. These photos were taken at one of those parks.

A little fish is visible on the right third of the photo. The shallow pools were filled with spiky sea urchins and fish.

It's fairly common to be able to see Hawaiian Green Turtles all around Hawaii Island, though they are still an endangered species. Here, you can see three! (The ones that look like mounds of rock.)

This one was chilling so peacefully on the rock. It was probably asleep.

Perfect little shell.

The long, winding path leading to the beach was full of trees that looked like this. They look like they were ripped from their roots at one point and kept growing on its side.

Maiapilo (Hawaiian caper).

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