August 28, 2013

About Anchialine Ponds

Another Big Island favorite: the anchialine fish ponds near the Anaehoomalu Beach Park in Waikoloa. These fish ponds have been excavated from lava. Plants and animals migrate here from below ground, from nearby natural pools. The ponds are managed by the University of Hawaii, and more will be re-created to replace what was destroyed in building the Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Unlike the other fish ponds I've seen, the ponds here are compact, with water so clear, you can see all the activity that goes on under the surface.

These flowers bloom underwater, and when they die, they make their way onto the surface. Beautiful.

I found a tiny hatched egg.

Dead white trees.

Tiny red shrimp called 'Opae'ula, which are indigenous to Hawaii and can only be found in these ponds. They get eaten by larger clear glass shrimp called Opae huna, which are also native to the area.

An ibis patiently stalking its future food.

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