May 12, 2012

You Wish Your University Library Was This Beautiful

The University of Texas at Austin, or UT Austin for short. The Main Building (with the beautiful clock tower) was completed in 1937.

Step inside the central entrance, and head for the Life Science Library on the top floor. As much as US state universities gripe about funding, they sure have beautiful buildings. (E.g., UCLA, though the photos I have on this blog are ridiculous in retrospect. It's the coral pink brick buildings that deserve attention.)

The top floor, with the library to the right.

The ceiling of the Life Science Library is decorated with quotes from famous figures.

This is what you see when you look directly above you. This room was fairly small, but the entire campus was absolutely riddled with spaces for students to study in. It seems like there is a nook and cranny for everyone, and students each seemed to have their unofficial personal space to study in. What's more, everyone was studying quietly and independently. As someone who thinks Japanese universities are a shame, this was a gratifying sight.

Even the light fixtures are beautiful.

This man hauled his enormous ladder throughout the building, checking on all the lights. I hope he appreciates the beauty of those fixtures.


saki said...

Wow! Such a beautiful library! The Austin burger looks sooo oishiso too. How much was it ? i assume it'll cost over 1200yen in Tokyo...

Sachiko Shiota said...

$10.00 :) There's a hamburger place called Martini Burger in Kagurazaka that has good burgers and isn't too expensive!