May 12, 2012

Easter Egg Dyeing -- in May

Better late than never -- during a trip to Austin, Texas to see a friend, we dyed Easter eggs. When a $1.50 product is slashed to 50c post-Easter, it is a true bargain.

This package came with cups, an egg-catcher, wax crayon, and tiny tablets of egg dye.

Pour vinegar and water in as directed...

...and the color begins to unfurl.

We couldn't figure out which dot was red and which was pink. (You're not supposed to use vinegar for red dye.) Consequently, the dye tablet never really dissolved, and we ended up with a nice orange.

Suffice it to say, we really got into it. After a couple of your standard solid-colored eggs, we got creative with the wax pencil and Scotch tape. I particularly like my friend's multicolored square egg and my drip-dye egg on the top.

One thing to improve on: making sure the base color doesn't get ugly through repeated soaks of color.

The fruits of our labor.

Since I was leaving the next day, I actually took four of the eggs home with me to Japan! I'm surprised airport security had no problem with it. The temperature difference made the dye separate and sweat off.

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