May 25, 2012

Covert Shots of Everyday People

Spied on a subway platform. My mind was so quietly blown by pairing of the vaguely Hermes-patterned backpack and candy heart leggings, it took me a good 10 minutes to realize that she had paired her black Converse high-tops with the kind of frilly lace socks that were once only worn by five-year-old girls.


I appreciated how the mother was reading out loud to her daughter, but in hushed tones so as not to bother the other passengers.

Along Sumida River. Not a great shot, but a woman has brought a fold-up chair and is doing some afternoon reading. I was surprised because this was on a weekday. Also, this woman was wearing major heels for a bike rider.

Old lady walking in front of me. I liked the pastel tones of her outfit, and how the apron was a part of it. Her boldly patterned coin purse also made me smile. You just know she takes a certain pleasure in using it.

Typical view of guys on the train: sleeping, reading, or texting.

Typical for women past the age of 18: does anyone not own something by Coach? (Or Louis Vuitton?)

Kids frolicking at the bus stop on a very rainy day.

The bright colors and patterns of their rainy day gear were probably enough to get them peppy.

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