May 29, 2012

Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park

Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, located in the uber-industrial fringes of Tokyo Bay. The whole area has been built on reclaimed land: the bird park, the surrounding massive warehouses, Ota Market, the wholesale market next to the park, all the way to Haneda Airport.

The Wild Bird Park was opened in 1989. It may strike you as odd that there is a bird sanctuary in such an industrial area. Indeed, you can't really look into the distance without being reminded of its location. But the park most likely became a necessity in reaction to its surroundings: it's the only spot of nature for a huge stretch of land.

Telescopes have been conveniently set up to aid bird-viewing...

...resulting in images like this...

(look at the strange resting position of the bird on the top left)

...and this.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much variety in terms of bird-watching. The rather ugly coromants were most visible, with a swallow and a mallard mixed in. There were far too many crows, which made me wonder if they were eating all of the smaller birds.

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