February 5, 2012

Long-legged Munchkin Cat

My brother's Munchkin, Alfred Beef Jerky. Like Dachshunds, Munchkins have a genetic mutation that makes their legs abnormally short.

Al, however, is an abnormal Munchkin, meaning that his legs are longer than generally seen in his breed. This apparently made him less valuable as a kitten.

He is now around 18 months old.

A couple of months ago, The New York Times published a truly horrifying article on dog-breeding practices and the horrible physical issues this brings to the dogs.

Fortunately, it's said Munchkins face no physical problems in particular -- neither from the breeding or the genetic mutation.

The only problem Al has is being unable to stop chewing through computer cables -- Apple products and other white appliances seem to be a particular vice.

I'm guessing white makes things stand out in particular.

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