February 12, 2012

梵寿綱 in Daitabashi (Lobby and the Courtyard)

The Von Jour Caux building in Daitabashi, now seen from the lobby.

Steps leading to the elevator.

Artwork on the left wall.

A closer look at the steps.

Elevator and ceiling. Unlike his other buildings, this one had security cameras.

 What you see when you stand in the lobby and look up.

Path leading to the courtyard, a surprise considering the decidedly plain interiors his other buildings have. 

I wanted to give this hallway a good hosing and get the accumulated grime off.

There were framed articles hung in the hallway detailing the players involved with the construction of this building. 

 The courtyard, which looks more like a cafe space. I hope the residents are taking advantage of this spot.

A look at the individual apartments. For all the grandeur, Von Jour Caux's buildings have always been surprisingly affordable. This building has 2DK (two rooms, a dining room, and a kitchen) and 2LDK (two rooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen) rooms available from around 140,000 yen. Considering the exorbitant prices for renting in Tokyo, this isn't so bad.

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