February 12, 2012

梵寿綱 in Daitabashi (The Facade)

The Von Jour Caux building pilgrimage continues with a visit to Daitabashi, where two of his buildings remain. (I originally planned to visit his Mundi Animus building in Sugamo, only to find out that it was torn down in 2008.)

This one (built in 1992) is a fairly large construction containing apartments, a coffee shop, and a convenience store. The gaudiness of the combini sign makes for an interesting contrast with the gaudiness of the building.

The entrance. That I was unable to get a shot of the entire building gives you an idea of how large it is, and how narrow the streets are. This was taken from across the street.

 The color scheme seems altogether incongruous.

 The shutters of the coffee shop.

Even the balcony receives the tile treatment.

 As always, the tiles have been painstakingly arranged.

 His buildings truly are all about the facade, but no part is left untouched.

 The side entrance.

 The back of the building.

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