June 19, 2011

People-watching in Annecy, France

Shots grabbed here and there in between participating in MIFA, the animation market held during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in the French Alps. 

Near The Imperial, where MIFA was held, an old man and his dog. I was surprised by the number of small dogs I saw running around in Annecy. I somehow assumed that a more spacious country would have more larger dogs. (Directly based on the fact that most pet dogs in Japan are teeny-tiny.)

A morning stroll alongside Lac d'Annecy, just one beautiful aspect of an absolutely beautiful town.

I would have asked these men about their hats, but this photo was taken with a zoom lens and I couldn't quite catch up with them.

Old lady having coffee in a cafe.

Annecy has its share of people who become famous during the film festival -- as in, idiosyncratic figures that everyone you meet seems to have already met that wind up in the local paper.

I met this woman in a health store tucked inside a maze of shops in the Old Town. She came on a bike, her parrot (and bird shit towel) on her shoulder. She spoke fluent Japanese. The next day, I saw her photo in the paper in an article for the animation festival.

Quite overt.

A pack of youngsters armed with a fake police alarm walked around the park next to the lake, genially harassing people. Here they talk to a group of old people. The flesh-colored pillow this guy has on his back is a set of inflatable boobs.

A boy on a scooter, staring at the slurpie machine. I can just imagine his drooling face.

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