June 1, 2011

A Far Less Impressive Inari Shrine

In stark contrast to yesterday's beautiful, hidden Inari Shrine is this more utilitarian Inari Shrine, also in the Koishikawa area of Tokyo. The layout is very simple: the main building here, the numberous torii lined up in one cramped space, and the temizuya nothing more than a stone basin and faucet.

Unlike yesterday's shrine, this one seems to hold regular festivals. Unfortunately, they have run out allocated space for the torii.

The last gate was erected in the 22nd year of the Heisei Period, which was last year.

Roof tiles piled in alongside the building, for some reason.
Finally, at the end of the gates, this mini-shrine and a pair of foxes. You could hardly believe that both the Takuzosu shrine and this neighborhood shrine are both in the same category of Inari shrines.

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