June 21, 2011

A Glimpse of MIFA

L'Imperial Palace, where MIFA (International Animation Film Market), the market held in conjunction with Annecy International Film Festival, was held. It's the classiest building ever until you read the sign that says, "casino". (It's also a hotel/conference hall.)

A nice view of the Alps.

The free bus that took visitors back and forth between the main film festival and the Imperial. Waking takes about 20 minutes, but the sights are so beautiful it's worth it.

The theater where the screenings were held. Many were sold out, and the rest had a fair number of people lining up for the remaining tickets.

Immediately across the street, an outdoor screen that played films such as Pixar's Up! for a public audience. The park is adjacent to Lac d'Annecy. There was a public concert one night with a DJ, which had the town teeming with young would-be ravers.
One of the displays at the market, a claymation setting of Sherlock Holmes interpreted semi-Blaxploitation style, with Morgan Freeman as Holmes and Martin Lawrence as Watson. Where is this version of the film? Can we get Snoop Dogg to do a cameo?

Note the African masks on the wall. There was even a portrait of Nelson Mandela in a white wig (sadly not captured here.)

The team from Finland, hanging Moomin figures outside. (Don't ask me why.)

At the end of the market, a drunken Finnish guy gave me a vintage Finnish comic (from 1977!), and this bloody keychain. It ranks as the best gift I've received from a perfect stranger. Now if only I could read Finnish...

A seal character on display at the market. It may have had homicidal tendencies.

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