June 25, 2011

Mama and Baby Ducks, Reunited

In Annecy, France. A family of ducks (mama and seven babies) could be seen all over town, from the big lake to the canals to the rivers. Now, I'm sure these types of ducks can be seen almost everywhere in the world, but the sight of the babies seemed to turn a surprising number of people into mush.

So imagine the consternation when the little ducks were separated from their mother. Perhaps they slid down this slight fall of water when the mother was not looking, but they were unable to swim back up. For a while, the mother was swimming in another canal running parallel to them, quacking away as if that would magically summon them back to her.

Many a concerned passerby was leaning over the canal railing, murmuring "Ils ont perdus."("They are lost.") Once the mother made the jump over to their side, though, they were up and swimming away.

One errant duck is out of the frame.

I followed them as they made their way down the canal, and to the river away from the Old Town. They took a much-needed breather on the small rock to the left.

After that, I left them in peace.

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