April 19, 2011

Shots from a New Zealand Farm

These photos were taken in 2001 on a farm in New Zealand an hour or so outside Auckland, back when digital cameras hadn't yet taken over. As convenient as digital cameras are -- an really, their virtues can be summed up with that word -- I miss how exacting you have to be when taking photos on film.

Despite the change in format, though, I find it amusing that I am still essentially interested in the same things as I was ten years ago. I don't deplore this lack of development; it seems so long ago that I can simply appreciate the images anew. 

One common vein is capturing animals looking funny. In the above photo, a team of roosters and chickens rest on top of a pig.

 They scattered as soon as I came nearer, except for one straggler.

A pig, nearly camoflauged in the mud.

A treehouse, an absolute delight for someone who grew up with only stunted trees in the backyard.

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