January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28th, 1942

(From my grandfather's diary in 1942.)

Wednesday, January 28.
Sunny, cloudy in the afternoon.
Day off
7 am woke up
Nurse Araki-san came to the house
Went to see a newsreel with Mother and Sister.
2.30 pm Left house 3 pm. Arrived at Shinjuku
Asahi News Theater (-4:30pm)
(news, violins)
Ate ice cream in Takano
Came home 6.pm
Got haircut at Tsuji on Koshin-dori
(7.30-9.30 pm)

I never had the chance to meet my grandfather, but ironically I'm now privy to the most intimate details of his life. I wish my own planner entries consisted of more than haphazard memos and scribbles; imagine posterity trying to piece my life together from that!

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