June 18, 2014


Spent a nice afternoon in Hyères, in southeast France by the coast. This building is Gare d'Hyères, the train station.

With a population of under 55,000, it is a small town that I'm sure sees a huge swell of people in the summertime.

Another name for the area is Hyères les Palmiers, in relation to the thousands of palm trees that are cultivated here.  

A wedding dress rental shop.

Pomegranate flowers by the train station.

On a Sunday afternoon, the only two shops open were a grocer's and this bakery/cake shop.

A fish shop with a cat nearby, naturally.

Flowers on a window sill.

Having visited France four consecutive years at the exact same time of the year, it is now a given that I will be able to see baby ducks.

An odd mural.

A sign for a store providing butane and propane gas.

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