June 18, 2014

Gare de Lyon to Gare de Hyères

Took the TGV (France's high-speed train) from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Hyères, on the southeast tip of the country.

Gare de Lyon was extremely crowded with vacationers. I liked the ad for How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Right outside Paris was a clutch of industrial sites. The Big Brother vibe of this one was a bit unsettling.

It soon made way to a long stretch of farms, broken up occasionally by small patches of industrial areas. It was a clear reminder of how large the agriculture industry is in France.

A field of poppies in the distance.

Dogs are allowed on the train!

Lots of sheep, followed by horses and cows.

I was looking forward to seeing the lavender fields that are famous in the Provence, but I fell asleep just as we entered the region.

Many castles and churches in the distance.


 Marseilles, the second-largest city in France.

Though a beautiful port city, I was surprised by how rough some of the areas looked. I noticed the same in Paris -- the poorer areas would inevitable have rows of shabby high-rise apartment buildings.

After three and a half hours, we finally arrived at Hyères.

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