June 21, 2014


The town center of Bormes-les-Mimosas, a small region in southeast France, near the Mediterranean coast.

To be fair, I only walked around the circular space seen in the first photo. Apparently, if you go higher up, you can see an older part of the town, and it is charming.

The florist's that must dominate local business.

Just as uncomfortable as the collection of black artists used as decoration at Karakan, the Japanese karaoke chain.

Swallows making their home.

This isn't exactly the same area, but around the roundabout that leads to the Cap Bénat are a couple of pizza stands with wood-burning ovens. They are simple and delicious, with a lot of Provence herbs thrown on.

This one has a beach chick out front.

In front of the large local Carrefour (a French supermarket chain), which has a substantial section of produce from Provence.

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