March 3, 2013

Yushima Tenjin Ume Festival, Part 2

What you didn't see in the last post: dozens of stalls set up inside Yushima Tenjin, selling food and toys visitors. I was rather surprised by how blatantly commercial it was.

Grilled squid.

Freshly baked potatoes. Look at the huge tin of margarine! The design looks like it hasn't been changed for 60 years.

A shooting game, which seems rather wrong in a shrine, but then Japan isn't a country that is big on self-reflection.

An old lady selling dried persimmons.

A stand where you could mix your own shichimitogarashi ("seven-flavored red pepper").

Play pinball (visible at the right end of the table), win candy.

Chocolate-covered bananas are a staple of festivals, but I've never seen one embellished with koala no march (koala-printed cookies with chocolate inside).

These Daruma dolls promise to bring you all sorts of good luck.

From the left: wooden spatulas, chopsticks, and cutting boards.

The nearby University of Tokyo's Manga Club drew people's portraits.

There was even a talent show! Here, a Chinese performer made a whole act out of being able to balance things on this head.

This man with the rubber Elvis wig was supposedly a magician, but his shtick was too tedious to make me want to stick around.

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