February 16, 2013

Top of the Rock(efeller Center)

Rockefeller Center, which I noted with glee after years of watching 30 Rock.

The famed ice-skating rink looked tiny compared to its surroundings. Apparently it is quite expensive when you add up the entrance fees and rental fees for the skates. 

Since I only had three full days to spend in New York, I went the unabashed tourist route and took the elevator up to the observation deck, otherwise known as Top of the Rock.

Since this was the morning after Hurricane Nemo, I wasn't able to go outside. I still got to see some great views, though. The Chrysler Building (far left) is unfortunately slightly hidden from view.

That massive expanse of snow and trees is Central Park, which I visited later that morning.

The Brooklyn Bridge, which I would have loved to see up close.

The window, framed by icicles. 

You can also go to the top of the Empire State Building (as so many movies have taught us), but a New Yorker gave me a tip: going to the top of the Rock is better.

The interior of the top floor.

The security guard was very eager to explain that little animals hide amongst the crystals. I found a teddy bear and an anteater, of all things.

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