February 23, 2013

Out with a Whimper

Columbia University in early February, the day Hurricane Nemo hit New York.

This was taken in the afternoon, when it looked like things were building up to a huge storm, but in the end, NYC didn't face too many difficulties.

By the time I went out the next morning, the streets had more or less been cleared in Midtown. Here, all the paraphernalia for snow-clearing has been assembled: shovels, salt, and a salt-dispensing machine.

At first I thought the icicles were simply for display.

Workers clean up the snow on the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

The trees looked so pretty, dusted with snow.

Green road salt. I thought it was so pedestrians could see the difference between snow and salt (and it looks rather pretty), but it seems it has a multitude of more important benefits. 

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