February 16, 2013

Central Park, Post Hurricane Nemo

Hurricane Nemo, the "storm of a century" that hit the East Coast last weekend, thankfully did nothing to New York City that couldn't be cleared up in a jiffy by the city's snow-plowing machines.

Since this was my first time visiting New York, and since I had to fly back to Tokyo the day after the storm, if anything, the snowstorm allowed me to experience something beautiful -- Central Park blanketed in snow.

You're always surrounded by people in New York City. However, the city is so spacious that it hardly causes any stress for a Tokyoite.

I only got to see a tiny section of the park, from the Museum of Natural History to the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. If only Tokyo could allot this much space for a park. 

I'm probably not the only one who saw the words "Diana Ross" and "playground" as completely incongruous.
Kids (and adults) looked like they were having the time of their lives sledding down the little hills.

Lots of cross-country skiers.

Apparently this bridge is called Winterdale Arch. I love the look of brick, but it's rarely employed in Japan because they would crumble like the cabin in the Three Little Pigs in an earthquake.

I guess this bird doesn't migrate south for the winter.

I was surprised to see a squirrel up and about. Do they not hibernate? Perhaps this amount of cold is still tolerable.

Judging by its slimness, it hasn't been hoarding food for the winter.

All these beautiful buildings you see in the background are super-expensive co-op apartment buildings. As much as I liked looking at them, the view from their vantage point is probably much nicer.

Not too cold for flowers to not be in bloom.

What's a snow day without a snowman?

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