November 20, 2012

Lake Ontario

(In Toronto.) Lake Ontario, by way of Sherbourne Park.

At around 8:30 in the morning, the area seemed populated by gulls rather than humans.

Peeking into the Corus Entertainment building. Is that slide for fun or for emergencies?

The nearby Sugar Beach, created about two years ago to bring some prettiness to the waterside. It opens up to a nice view of the lake, but you cannot swim there. Once again, only gulls seemed to be inhabiting the beach at this hour.

Someone had dragged a chair underneath a willow tree, creating a nice little private area.

There was a fairly diverse array of birds in the lake. They seemed quite wary of humans.

The sugar factory next door.

Frost on the ground in a part that had been untouched by the sun.

A panoramic view of the lake. I would like to walk all along it some day.

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