November 27, 2012

Indoor City

The Complexe Dejardins, essentially a large street block that is housed indoors. If you go out of the entrance and walk all along the shops to the other entrance, you have basically crossed a whole street.

It was highly amusing how literally everyone stopped and stared at the moments when the fountain flared very high. This happened about every five minutes or so.

Little spurts of water for little children.

An advent calendar in the form of a long stuffed animal? This was at a French bookstore.

Angry Birds was literally everywhere. Strike while hot, and in as many ways as possible, I suppose.

A self-portrait using ornament spheres.

Walking through Place des Arts, a complex which houses a metro station and also connects to halls for the Montreal orchestra, the ballet, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

The entrance of Cinquième Salle, one of the halls. Curiously, the Place des Arts website does not contain any photos of the halls as seen from within the complex; only those from outside and inside the halls are displayed. A missed opportunity to display some of the best designs in Montreal!

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