November 27, 2012

Hotel Hopping in Montreal

Hotel Gault in Old Montreal. I only saw the lobby/restaurant, but it's a beautiful space, its bright sleekness contrasting nicely with the traditional look of the outside facade.

The dining area to the right of the entrance.

Gault has the crispness of a new hotel, but was actually opened almost ten years ago, in 2003.

Restaurant Osco!, located inside the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Montreal. Echoes of Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast again!

The restaurant was bright and airy, perhaps more so because I was in the enclosed area at the end of the room. The food was excellent.

I'm always amazed by how effortlessly people who work in stores, restaurants, hotels etc. in Montreal can determine which language (French of English) people want to be spoken in and never slipping up. To a country like Japan where people make a big stink about not being able to speak English, the nonchalance with which people switch languages is truly impressive.

The Palais des congrès, which could be seen from the restaurant. The last time I went there was three and a half years ago. 

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