June 26, 2012

Panoramic Shots of Annecy, France

I went to Annecy, France in early June for the Annecy International Animation Festival -- or rather, the animation market held in affiliation. Annecy gained a certain bit of attention last year as a candidate for the 2018 Winter Olympics. As beautiful as this town is, I understand why it wasn't chosen. It's a little too small to withstand Olympic-size crowds, and added infrastructure would ruin its appeal.

 Lake Annecy, a haven for ducks and their babies, and coots.

The Imperial, a casino/hotel/convention center. This space is essentially on the lake, standing on aluminum poles. This would never fly in earthquake-prone Japan.

Outside the temporary tent. How can you concentrate on networking when the lake is in full view?

After taking this photo, I locked myself out.

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