June 26, 2012

Miffy Spotting at Schipol Airport

As airlines go, KLM is definitely one of the more stylish. It goes a long way towards making a long-haul flight more bearable, though I'm convinced their coach seats are small than most coach seats.They definitely get the details right -- look at the adorable little Dutch motifs on their paper cups. I also like the tiny bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar you get with your hot meal.

The KLM Miffy is also adorable, although hard to justify buying at my age.  

 Last year, when I went to France, I changed planes in Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport, as sleek and stylish an airport as you could hope for. This year, I went through Amsterdam's Schipol Airport, which is equally diverting, not least because of all the Miffy parphenalia they offer.

 Tiny little wooden clogs. They also offer "wearable" human foot-sized clogs made of wood.

The geisha Miffy made me feel slightly uncomfortable. Unless this is kimono Miffy.

An Alice in Wonderland-like reading space. The detailing on the cups is lovely too.

A wine bar. There is also a chocolate bar, and a ramen bar that is run by disgruntled young workers who have to explain the menu every time someone asks them what "soya" is. Would "soy sauce" be easier for people to understand? 

The airport library, which puts local libraries to shame in terms of style.

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