June 3, 2012

The Middle Ground between Suburbia and Farm Country

Sakura, in Chiba, 20 minutes from Narita Airport. This is the town where I was born. There is very little in the way of entertainment there (even the bookstore near the train station closed down about 4 years ago), but I love how suburbia soon gives way to farms and nature.

This little farm was about 15 minutes' walk from the station. Walk up the main street, turn a street, and you find yourself surrounded by beautiful houses (often recently remodeled) and small farms.

Eggplant flower.

This house is about 25 minutes from the station, straight up the main road. This is the house that separates the suburban homes and the farms beyond. Just to the right of the photo...

...is a chicken coop.  

They have a surprisingly vast space to roam around in.

Right around the corner, in the suburban area, a man sits on his roof, trimming a backyard bush.

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