May 15, 2011

Taken While Not Golfing

On the Waikoloa Golf Courses on the Big Island of Hawaii. Why do the most beautiful beachy sights look so cliched in photographs?

Something you wouldn't expect to find in the land of palm trees -- mushrooms. The west side of the island has seen more than its usual share of rain this year. That, combined with the generous supply of water from the sprinklers, probably led to the mushrooms popping up. 

Something (most likely a cat) had taken a bite out of it, then promptly spat it back out.

I was looking forward to seeing these goats again. Aside from the hotels and shops, the area around Kailua-Kona is surrounded by lava rock. I don't blame the goats for hanging around the golf courses. This must be a haven for them.

A bird caught looking foolish in the parking lot.

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