May 14, 2011

Kona Cold Lobsters

Kona Cold Lobsters on the Big Island of Hawaii, less than 5 minutes' drive from Kona International Airport.

They sell fresh seafood both wholesale and to individual customers, which means you can either buy a $30 lobster here, pick one up for about twice the expense at a nearby supermarket, or find it on a $60 plate at a restaurant.

The store's pride and joy are the Maine lobsters and Dungeness crabs, but they also have oysters, clams, butterfish, and some others.

Upon purchase, the still-alive lobster is wrapped in newspaper. But that doesn't explain why this stack is already submerged in the water.

Listing the catch of the day. Crabs were scarce in the first week of May, when I visited.

 Lobster for a day's dinner, crab for the next. They were both excellent.

I did a double take when I saw the crab's shell. Can you see the outline of the sheep resting its hooves on its cheeks?

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