May 16, 2011

Kona Farmer's Market

Kona Farmer's Market on the Big Island of Hawaii, open Wednesday to Sunday every week. The market takes place on Alii Drive, the main destination for tourists. Lined with shops and restaurants and right by the shoreline, it's nonetheless low-key enough that you feel you're getting a taste of the local atmosphere.

Surprisingly, Hawaii pigeons are daintier than Japanese pigeons -- they're about a third of their size!

Pigeon feeding seems to be the main pastime for this lei vendor.

This green vegetable is apparently some type of beet, although it looks like a shrivelled green coconut.

A banana bought by the bushel, purple flower and all. You can see a dog at the window, getting a whiff.

Edda's famous homemade bread. Banana is not listed as an ingredient for her banana bread. Perhaps it was too obvious to mention?

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