March 15, 2011

Work, Post Earthquake

Differences in the workplace before and after the earthquake: we now have a TV in the office. Someone dragged in an old TV from the 80s, and it's showing earthquake news nonstop with the volume turned low. 
My computer was once surreptitiously kept on the NY Times homepage. Now, I read it openly for the latest news -- along with the pages for Yahoo! Japan and Facebook, for keeping in touch with worried friends and trading information.
Office attire, once supremely relaxed, has subtly changed to more sober fashion. My boss now wears sneakers with his suit, and a usually elegantly-dressed woman forgoes her spike heels for Converse sneakers. You never know when blackouts will force you to walk.

Othewise, the atmosphere is still very Japanese. Upon hearing that the brownouts would be happening in the area around his house from 6pm to 10pm around dinner time, one man says, "I'll work late and then go out to get a drink. Anyone else?"

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kenneth elliott, kingston,ont., canada said...

I hope everything is bolted down this time.