March 16, 2011

The Downside to Reclaimed Land

The parking lot of Tokyo Disneyland, a mess due to liquefaction. They initially announced that they would re-open on the 21st (the beginning of spring break for schoolkids), but now that date has been pushed back indefinitely.

On the bus in Urayasu. The mud that has dried on the window is from when water started to flow from the concrete roads.

It's going to take a while for all these roads to be cleaned up, much less straightened out.

It's disheartening to learn that the foundations of such a large structure are actually quite fragile.

I went out for lunch today. Other than the fact that the main topic of conversation was the earthquake and the nuclear situation, it was a nice cozy lunch. We were interrupted at one point by the screech of the fire truck (prompted by the slightly large earthquake that occurred around lunchtime?) and the sight of people walking down the hill with their suitcases, perhaps headed overseas or futher south.

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