March 6, 2011

Katsuura Big Dolls Festival: Here, There, and Everywhere

Part three in photos of the Katsuura Big Dolls Festival. The beautiful hina dolls were ubiquitous all around the town. Here they are, lining the windows of the post office.

Spotting the dolls was fun, and it was hilarious to see them placed in increasingly incongruous environments.

Dolls sitting on big shells in front of a barbershop. Katsuura faces the Pacific Ocean, with a fishing port not 10 minutes from the station, so shells were an oft-seen decorating device.

It was one of the fanciest barbershops I'd ever seen.

Still in front of the barber's.

In a clothing store for old ladies.

The florist's.

Sushi restaurant.

Dolls positioned in the fish store, among raw fish. Slightly wacky.

On top of the post office box.

However, no dolls were seen in the sewing machine shop.

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