January 21, 2011

No Home, But Have All My Stuff With Me

I remember leafing through a photo book in my high school library. It was comprised of photos of families around the world, posing in and outside of their homes with all their worldly possessions. It was a shock to see photos of Japanese families; when compared with other countries/cultures, Japanese people had so much -- and a lot of it looked like junk.

This may be slightly insensitive, but every time I see this homeless person on the street, I think of that book. Only in Japan would you be able to identify a homeless person by their possessions. (Though I have to admit, she really is an exception.)

This person moves around a lot, but always within a 500 square meter zone. It takes her at least 15 minutes to cross the street every time she changes location because she has to go back and forth for her bags at least five times.

This may be the book I'm talking about:

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