January 5, 2011

Ladies Who Have Chocolate

The cafe on the 7th floor of the Ginza store Ragtag. 1000 yen (12 dollars) for a pot of tea and two tiny chocs seemed extravagant, but it was a small price to pay to escape the hordes of shoppers swarming the area for the New Years' sales.

You couldn't describe Ragtag as merely a large used-clothing shop -- 5 floors of the building are devoted to selling previously-owned designer items, displayed lavishly in glass cases. The 6th floor is for people who want to sell their clothes and accessories.

The parent company's mission statement is to provide high-quality clothing to people who can't afford the real thing, but Miu Miu heels cost 50,000 yen (610 dollars) even when they're half off. A large portion of the customers still seemed to be the well-heeled.

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