June 11, 2010

Sky Tree Hype

Tokyo Sky Tree, the new Tokyo Tower. Currently undergoing construction and set to be opened in spring 2012, the tower will provide digital terrestrial tv broadcasting coverage as well as serve as a cultural hub. As can be seen from this photo taken from the Shin-Kiba Station platform, the tower is clearly far from complete.

The hype for this thing has been underway for quite a while now. Above, in a train ad, a watercolor rendering of the tower gently reminds us of its existence. There is another ad for the tower in the background.

This one offers sightseeing tours to the unfinished tower. Much of the promotion for the Sky Tree features misleading computer-generated images of the tower in its completed state. Already, cities in the surrounding area such as Asakusa have started using the image on street banners and other forms of town promotion. There is something exhausting about seeing so much energy poured into hype for this tower. Ordinarily I would worry about tiring out the audience through too much visibility, but the Japanese public has most likely developed filters for this kind of advertising saturation.

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