June 29, 2010

Free Show

(A supermarket in Edogawabashi.)

A huge bluefin tuna, inexplicably wheeled out to the supermarket floor by an employee and left there for customers to gawk at. Despite our massive consumption of tuna, it was difficult to reconcile the sight of an actual fish with the red tuna sashimi we usually see sold in plastic trays.

More than one curious customer walked up to the fish's gaping mouth and peeked in. Because its tail had been cut off, you could see out the other end.


Efraím said...

Wow, that was a BIG FISH!
When I went to Japan I didn't visit Tokyo's fish market, and now I regret it!
Here in the city where I live now (Gothenburg, Sweden), there's also a famous fish market. I should go pay a visit some time soon. ^^

Sachiko Shiota said...

I've never been to Tsukiji (the fish market in Tokyo), but usually you have to go somewhere like that (or the aquarium) to see tuna like this! It was so surprising to have that experience in a regular supermarket.