January 31, 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2015: The Iconoclasts

It's always exciting when you see people take a long-established craft and reinterpret in bold and exciting ways. The following are some of my favorite's from this year's festival.

I recognized this quilter's work in an instant. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page.) She certainly has a flair for storytelling, and injecting humor into her work.

 Spot all of the Gallic references!

 Pushing the definition of "quilt" to the hilt.

 These artists could work for couture houses!

 The text above is a sutra.

 Perhaps my favorite: a quilt made up of hobo symbols.

 The tongue-in-cheek humor, in addition to the truly original concept, made this one a favorite too.

This swordfish isn't caught in the trawling net! He's gotten away!

 Hundreds and hundreds of gulls.

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