January 14, 2015

Owl Cafe in Kiba

About a year and a half ago, I was having lunch by the Sumida River when I saw a couple with three owls. I mentioned this to my father, who said, "Oh yeah there's an owl cafe near my office." I finally made the trip there, and it was a hoot.

There were a fair number of tourists wanting to get in.

You can take photographs from the outside, but there are also parakeets and owls inside. 

This one looked like Furby.

The inside birdcages. With all these birds, the food and service were basically an afterthought. 

At one point, this one was on its back at the bottom of the cage, playing with a paper cup.

Two baby owls in a cage, apparently about five months old. The cage was so small, they had to bend over to spread their wings! It seems they fly around at home, though.

Owls are nocturnal, so they basically spent the time nodding off.

Fake owl.

Lots of bird motifs.

Bathroom light.

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