August 6, 2014

Institut français du Japon

The Institut français du Japon, about ten minutes' walk from Iidabashi Station in Tokyo. It is a French government-funded language school and cultural center.

The Institute is tucked away on a hill, and I didn't even know such a place existed until I went there for a film screening. (Though in retrospect, it is not surprising considering the strong French community in the Iidabashi/Kagurazaka area.)

I was surprised by how stylish the space was. This, for example, is a bookstore that sells French literature, language learning-related books, and even magazines. 

The lobby, with a wall-projected clock.

Several of the classrooms have artist-commissioned artwork on the walls. 

The library, which also has a section where you can listen to CDs and watch DVDs of French films.

The children's book section.

 An outdoor space for events.

 A restaurant that serves French cuisine. Apparently the food is quite good!

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