August 6, 2014

Candlelights of Odaiba Beach

The other night I chanced upon a lovely sight in Odaiba.

Thousands of candles were lined up on the beach in multicolored bags. They flickered prettily late into the night, and dozens of people walked among the bags, quietly in awe.

After a while, we realized that these candles were lined up in a specific way, and they all seemed to be forming some sort of shapes. Although the stores and restaurants were all closed, we climbed up as far as we could in the beachside buildings, and found...

...that every single cluster of candle made out a specific Odaiba monument. The one on the left is the fake Statue of Liberty, and on the right is Rainbow Bridge. Others were Tokyo Gate Bridge and the Olympics symbol, a nod to the ubiquity of Odaiba in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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